Which Up And Coming Neighborhoods In Atlanta, GA Should You Be Investing In Now?

Which Up And Coming Neighborhoods In Atlanta, GA Should You Be Investing In Now?

Imagine strolling through streets lined with historic architecture, trendy boutiques, and bustling cafes, all while soaking in the Southern charm that Atlanta is famous for. Now, picture yourself as a savvy investor, eager to uncover the next hot spot where your investments can flourish and grow.

To find the best investment property, you need to research the different neighborhoods available to you. Luckily, we can help.

Let's go through the top neighborhoods in Atlanta that are attractive for real estate investing.

West Midtown

Often referred to as Westside or West Midtown, this area has seen significant development in recent years. It's known for its trendy restaurants and art galleries.

The BeltLine's Westside Trail runs through the area, making it attractive to young professionals and families.

Of course, you still need to make your Westside real estate listings stand out.


Summerhill is found a little bit south of downtown Atlanta, offering residents easy access to employment centers, cultural attractions, and entertainment options in the city center. This proximity can attract renters or buyers looking for urban convenience.

This neighborhood is the previous home of Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium, but since its demolition, the neighborhood has gone through major changes.

As Summerhill continues to evolve and attract investment, there is potential for property values to appreciate over time. Investors looking for long-term growth opportunities may find Summerhill appealing.


You could also look at Edgewood. The area has seen the development of mixed-use projects that combine residential, retail, and commercial spaces.

These developments create a live-work-play environment, making Edgewood attractive to lots of different Atlanta residents and businesses.

Edgewood is located near universities such as Georgia State University and Emory University. This proximity can attract students, faculty, and staff who may seek housing options in the area, providing a steady rental market.

Grant Park

Grant Park is one of Atlanta's oldest neighborhoods, known for its historic architecture, tree-lined streets, and Victorian-style homes. This historic charm can attract buyers or renters seeking unique and character-filled properties.

Grant Park is located near educational institutions such as Georgia State University and Georgia Tech, as well as healthcare facilities like Grady Memorial Hospital. This proximity can attract students, faculty, healthcare professionals, and staff who may seek housing options in the area.

If you struggle to keep up with your Grant Park property, don't be afraid to look at your property management options.

Ornewood Park

Ormewood Park has experienced growth and development in recent years, with new businesses, renovations, and infrastructure improvements in the area. This growth indicates potential for property appreciation and investment opportunities.

The neighborhood's residential nature, coupled with nearby parks and schools, makes Ormewood Park a family-friendly environment. This can attract families looking for a safe and welcoming community to call home.

Start Real Estate Investing in These Neighborhoods in Atlanta Today

Now that you know what neighborhoods are ideal for real estate investing in Atlanta, there's no time to waste. Start looking at your options, and snap up the investment property of your dreams.

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