3 Easy Ways to Make Your Real Estate Listings Stand Out in Atlanta

3 Easy Ways to Make Your Real Estate Listings Stand Out in Atlanta

Is your home for sale in Atlanta still on the market? About 67,000 people moved to Atlanta between 2022 and 2023, making it one of the 10 hottest housing markets last year. If your properties aren't attracting buyers, you may want to look at your real estate listings.

Here are three tips you can use to enhance your property listings. Start attracting buyers (and potentially spark a bidding war)! Simplify selling a home today.

1. Outsource Staging a Home

Before updating your listing, stage the property. Staging a home helps buyers visualize their lives in that space. Professionally staged homes spend 73% less time on the market than those that aren't staged.

Staged properties even sell for 25% more than others. Hire a professional staging company to handle this process for you. They'll select furnishings that will make the property appear lived-in and comfortable.

Staging the property can spark an emotional response in buyers when they tour the home. You can leverage that emotional response to encourage a sale.

Consider updating the curb appeal. Hire a professional photographer to capture photos and videos after the property is staged. These photos are more likely to stand out online.

Choose a photographer who offers video and virtual tour services. A stunning virtual tour can help buyers imagine themselves living in the property. They won't have to leave their own couches to explore the listing.

2. Update the Listing

Once you've improved the curb appeal, staged the property, and have fresh photos, update the property listing. Start with an attention-grabbing headline. Make sure to add "Atlanta" in the headline to appeal to local buyers.

Highlight property amenities and unique features to help your home for sale stand out. These can include:

  • Appliances
  • Hardwood floors
  • Courtyard
  • Firepit
  • Spa
  • Sauna
  • Steamroom
  • Mudroom
  • A pool
  • A deck or patio

Make sure you have photos of each amenity. Show and tell to attract potential buyers.

When updating the listing, don't overpromise and underdeliver. Buyers will leave disappointed.

Consider your pricing strategy. You can work with an experienced property manager to set an attractive, competitive asking price. They help maximize your property's potential.

3. Hire a Property Management Company

Selling a home can feel stressful if you lack experience. Consider hiring a property management company. They can handle the entire process for you.

Their understanding of the local real estate market can give you a competitive edge. Their professional services and proven strategies will help you sell the property fast. Otherwise, the property could sit on the market for months.

Create Eye-Catching Real Estate Listings

Don't let your real estate investments sit vacant any longer! Instead, use these tips to create eye-catching, appealing real estate listings. With these strategies, your properties will stand out and draw buyers in.

Remember, you don't have to apply these strategies alone. PMI Atlanta OTP has 20 years of experience helping owners like you maximize their earning potential. We use award-winning strategies to help our clients accomplish their real estate goals.

We have a strong track record of success and the prestigious awards to prove it. Don't let your property sit on the market any longer. Contact us today for help with your listing!