The Secrets of Real Estate Marketing in Atlanta, GA

The Secrets of Real Estate Marketing in Atlanta, GA

In 2020, approximately 30% of US renters had a poor credit score below 600. These are tenants you don't want in your investment property.

Reaching the widest audience possible is crucial for property owners to secure great tenants for their rentals. However, navigating property marketing can be challenging for those new to owning a rental unit. Understanding industry secrets can significantly impact your ability to attract responsible tenants.

Are you eager to learn how to maximize the exposure of your Atlanta property? Keep reading to uncover the secrets of real estate marketing and set yourself up for success.

Craft an Engaging Description

The first thing you want to do when marketing your property is to create an engaging listing description. You want potential tenants to envision themselves in your property.

When creating a listing, most people might write, "Townhouse with two bedrooms and one bathroom." However, you could say, "Step into this cozy 2-bedroom, 1-bathroom townhouse nestled in a serene neighborhood."

Sounds better, right? Here are some more tips for creating an attention-grabbing listing description:

  • Craft the listing as a narrative, describing the property's unique features and the lifestyle it enables
  • Include details about the surrounding neighborhood, such as nearby attractions, schools, etc.
  • Incorporate vivid and specific language to paint a picture of the property
  • End the description with a clear call to action

Employ a Professional Photographer

Next, using high-resolution photos, you want to showcase your Atlanta rental property to potential renters. Real estate photography can be tricky, so it's recommended that you hire a professional to take them.

Alternatively, you can hire a property management company that offers this service. A professional photographer will know how to showcase the property correctly, what time of day is best for photographing it, and how to stage it. This can create a strong first impression and attract more potential tenants.

Some photographers offer drone photography. Incorporating aerial footage into the property listing can provide a unique perspective. In a way that traditional photography cannot, it can also highlight the following:

  • Surrounding neighborhood
  • Surrounding landscape
  • Property layout

Hire a Property Management Company

Finally, hiring a property manager for property marketing is an intelligent decision for several reasons. Their industry insight allows them to market your property more effectively. They can tap into trends and understand what tenants are looking for.

By utilizing multiple online marketing platforms, they can significantly expand the reach of your property, attracting a wider pool of potential tenants. This increases the chances of finding reliable tenants quickly and ensures your property stays competitive.

Boost Your Property Marketing and Find The Best Tenants in Atlanta

Mastering real estate marketing is essential for attracting quality tenants. By crafting engaging descriptions, utilizing professional photography, and considering the assistance of a property management company, you can significantly enhance your property's visibility and appeal.

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With proactive property checks, personalized tenant showings, and consistent communication, we ensure your property stands out online and in person.